The Bold and Awesome “What Knots” bag.

Slouchy “What Knots” Handbags

A Handbag made from Recycled Denim Jeans







What is a “What Knots” bag

A “What Knots” bag is exactly what its called.

A bag that is made up of all sorts of – What Knots!

    • It has pockets galore, inside and out.

  • Some have zippered compartments, others don’t.
  • The bag is made with simple supplies you can gather and collect.
  • Every bag is unique – there will never ever be 2 bags identical
  • Every ‘What Knots” bag is a  true piece of Art.

History of the “What Knots” bag

The “What Knots” bag started when I, as a weaver, was looking to weave a kitchen rug from old jeans. I started to cut up jeans I had saved as my daughters grew up – using only the fabric from the legs.  I could see the waste of not using the left overs – the seams, cuffs, pockets, zips, waistbands, buttons and domes. I had to find a use for them and so the “What Knots” bag was created.

Digging deep into my skill base and using my creative mind, I began by making panels. Small samples of various techniques, cutwork, embellishing, crochet, embroidery, quilting and basic sewing, which, when added together, became the “What Knots” bag.

Where do I find my supplies

My “go to” is the local Salvation Army Opportunity Shop or any local Op Shop in any town I travel to.  I’m in there searching for interesting old jeans, buttons, beads, buckles and anything I can rescue and recycle to add to my “What Knots” bags – The quirkier the better.

Look around you’re home. Things you or your family have grown out of – old jewellery, trinkets, belts and other paraphernalia. Open your eyes to what you can use – even a shoelace that has lost his friend is usable.

So, start collecting items you find, things that can be sewn on and begin building up your collection of embellishments.

So are you going to join me in the process of making you’re own “What Knots” Bag

Jump on board. Join up with my newsletter and keep informed as we progress through various techniques to learn how to make you’re own “What Knots” Bag.

As I build on my website, I will offer more and more knowledge. What tips and techniques to use. The best way to deconstruct a pair of jeans with the least amount of waste.

I will give you advise on the best way to undertake your project and if you are interested I will have patterns available for you to purchase to give you a starting point for your bag.

So welcome to my website and I look forward to working with you to produce you’re own “What Knots” bag.

Paula Mallasch


About Paula

Welcome to my site. I’m so excited that you are here and that you will be taking advantage of the information that I will pass on to you with regard to those vintage crafts that are slowly disappearing in today’s busy life.

Where I’m coming from

I grew up watching people and being taught many crafty skills from family around me. My sister and I used to love sitting around in an afternoon knitting up toys and clothes or hauling out mums old sewing machine and giving it a go. I admit our first attempts were a bit disastrous (however at age 10, we displayed them with pride) but with practice you are able to perfect your skills and actually produce something that you too can be proud of.

I am a vintage craftswoman being resourceful and recycling.

So why do I want to help you….

In this day and age where everyone is in a rush and people go out to buy everything, the skills of making your own are dying. My family and friends love to receive homemade gifts and it saves a ton of money making these gifts yourself. The only thing is, it takes time.

What I hope you will achieve

By following my site, I hope you will learn a few vinatge skills that you can take with you further in your life.

First off – I’m planning on sharing how I make my super “What Knots” bags I will give you some tips, techniques and show you how to incorporate these skills.

As time goes by, I will add other crafts. So sign up to my newsletter to be informed and keep coming back to check out what skills I am passing on to you.

Also, If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Paula Mallasch